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a moon full of stars and astral cards

all the figures i used to see.


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I'm 21, and a senior in college majoring in Japanese Studies. I like to draw, write, read, cosplay and play video games. Someday I would like to be a published author/graphic novelist and a personal trainer, but until then I sell my art and other crafty things at conventions. I daydream more often than I should, and during inappropriate times. I like to laugh. I'm a fan of old school video games and manga/anime, and can talk for hours about earlier RPGs. I'm also a runner and a health nut. I tend to be a perfectionist and a workaholic, and unfortunately I run on little sleep. I'm also kind of insane. Just so you know.

Currently obsessing over: Yuri, No Doubt/Gwen Stefani, Lord of the Rings, Battlestar Galactica, Watchmen, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fruits Basket, Animal Crossing, Sailor Moon

Cosplay Plans (long list!): CereCere (Sailor Moon), Toph (Avatar), Silk Spectre II (Watchmen), Mara Jade (Star Wars), Terra Branford (FFVI), Ayeka (Tenchi Muyo!), Beatrix (FFIX), Asuka (Evangelion-plug suit and dress), Ashe (FFXII-Wedding and battle outfit)

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Pearl: Jupiter // 2706 8123 0330
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